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Oof -- The Tower.

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You can tell, just by looking at it, that The Tower looks disastrous, and the truth is, it can be. The Tower signifies there may be a big, sudden, and unwelcome change in your love life this October. Tower-level changes are things like break-ups, divorce, exposed lies or infidelity -- anything that crumbles the foundation of a partnership. This will feel devastating when it's happening, so you'll have to keep faith throughout the process. Usually relationships that fall apart under Tower energy do so because they were not built on strong foundations in the first place.

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Once the dust settles though, you will see how much this change needed to happen, and how much opportunity you have to build a whole new love life for yourself on fresh, solid ground. You love to love and be loved, Leo, and there's nothing wrong with that! But if you're trying to find a new romantic partner who is actually relationship material, casting a wide net and seeing whatever you can catch will land you right back where you started.

The Chariot as your love card for this month implies that you can find what you're looking for if you have a better idea of what you want. If you can create tunnel-like vision, going after that person or that romantic scenario with intention and focused effort, you can land yourself in the situation you desire.

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It's not about just crossing your fingers and hoping now, it's about intentionally trying to make your hopes a reality. You know those people who complain about not being in a relationship, and you think to yourself, no wonder, all they do is complain! Well, sorry Virgo, that's you this month. While the Four of Cups doesn't mean you're going to be unlucky in love during October, it does indicate that you'll probably feel unlucky in love -- or just generally bored or unimpressed with who or what is being offered to you.

This goes for both singles and those in relationships.

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  8. You'll probably want to pull back from life and love this month, and that's OK, just don't let your current mood jade you long-term. Use this time to recalibrate your feelings so you can emerge with greater excitement and gratitude for the love that is in your life. Not only is the Sun in Libra for most of the month, empowering you in every way, but the Ace of Wands now adds to this with an active, renewed love energy. The Ace of Wands is an optimistic card about beginnings.

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    If you've been laying low in love due to a recent breakup or the need to focus your attention elsewhere, this card indicates a new phase where you are ready to be excited by love again. For Libras who are already in a relationship, you should use the Ace of Wands as inspiration this month. Find something you and your partner have never done before -- something creative -- and do it together. The Moon is connected to your subconscious and the shadows and fears that reside there. With The Moon as your love card for October, you may be grappling with fears about love, like fearing getting hurt again, worrying you will never find love, or suspecting the relationship you're in is not what it appears to be You've got to gain power over these negative ramblings this month -- they are doing harm, not good.

    Sometimes your intuitions will warn you about real dangers, but with The Moon present this month, it's likely that these anxieties are based on illusion and not reality. No one expects you to just get over your fears about romance -- they're very real to you -- but if you want to find true comfort and contentment, now is a powerful time to realize that you have all the power to turn the darkness into light.

    The Nine of Wands as your love card for October implies that you've been put through the wringer in love lately, whether when trying to date or trying to maintain a relationship. Every time you think you're getting somewhere, it feels like you get knocked back again! The good news is, the Nine of Wands also indicates that all this struggle is nearly over. October could bring another setback, but these energies will soon dissipate. For now, you've got to remain strong and faithful and know that the energy you are experiencing right now is not forever.

    Your resilient heart will be rewarded. Time out!

    It is one of the six positive signs. In Greek Mythology, the symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus , the flying ram that rescued Phrixus and Helle , the children of the Boeotian king Athamas and provided the Golden Fleece.

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    aries king astrology november 2019 Aries king astrology november 2019
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