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Mars is in Leo all month, Mercury until the 18th, the Sun entering there on the 22nd means an emphasis on home, family, and personal life. Mercury in Cancer from the 19th puts people in a sensitive mood. The New Moon in Leo on the 31st is helpful for domestic activities. Home and family are emphasized from a series of planets moving through Leo.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Be patient when retrograde Saturn slows your progress. You can be as creative as you like when Mars enters Virgo on the 18th. Deadlines and efficiency will be in order when Venus enter Virgo on the 21st. Saturn retrograde until the 18th means use only tried and true methods When Saturn resumes direct motion, you can do things you seldom have time to do. Once Mercury and Venus enter Libra on the 14th, you gain satisfaction from work or from being helpful.

Horoscope Taurus January

This is an excellent time to quit unhealthy patterns. When the Sun visits Libra on the 23rd, you can make a good impression on your coworkers. Mercury travels direct in Scorpio from the 3rd on and Venus from the 8th on, you can expect to interact more with advisors, associates, or loved ones. Be careful, things can become intense. The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, a good time to strengthen the bonds of love with your partner. Your life philosophy is the focus for the first three weeks while the Sun and other planets visit Capricorn.

All this planetary activity is good for learning new skills. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto combine their energies to offer a rare opportunity for enlightenment. A family matter might emerge with the Full Moon in Leo on the 9th. This might inspire you to change your domestic affairs.

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If a problem does occur, pride might be the root cause. Mercury in Pisces means your imagination is active. All the limitations seem to disappear or vanish into thin air, and their potential is fully unraveled by the combative energy of Mars. The whole world is contributing to the ascension of the Taurus natives. Professional success has never been achieved so easily by anyone else before. Especially in a couple, your partner will have the most important role in supporting your decision making and pondering.

Your for January 2020 horoscope for each sign:

The uncertainties will soon dissipate. Single Taurus natives will have the planets on their side, so love matters are simple and pure. The true meaning of love is revealed to them. Marriage is the next logical step for Taurus natives who are already in a relationship. They will finally take their partner to the altar and seal the deal. The relationship will evolve to something better and complete.

This year brings undeniable opportunities for Taurus natives. In any case, the situation is much better than then the last years. Your family will ask you for money from time to time, and you should help them. The last thing you need is a financial crisis to take you out indefinitely. A promotion might be in store as well. Professionally, you want to demonstrate your worth, to learn and get better. As opposed to the past, you are now much more determined and incited to perfect your craft and be productive.

Try taking on a new hobby or get your interest up in a different field of work.

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A passive income is nothing to throw aside. During the summer, your desire to escape the routine of your present job will go through the roof. You will want to change your job right then and there. There is a lot of stress and pressure attached to the idea of a Taurus working non-stop. You need to take a step back and learn how to relax. Free time is supposed to be used to forget about work, not ponder on it. You should try finding a couple of outlets where you can pour your spare time. If you change many things in your life, it might not be good in the long term.

horoscope for january 2020 taurus Horoscope for january 2020 taurus
horoscope for january 2020 taurus Horoscope for january 2020 taurus
horoscope for january 2020 taurus Horoscope for january 2020 taurus
horoscope for january 2020 taurus Horoscope for january 2020 taurus
horoscope for january 2020 taurus Horoscope for january 2020 taurus

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