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Old-timer Chandra is friendly toward young inquistor Budha.

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Budha is according to lore, the offspring of Professor Chandra. Chandra is according to lore, bantering Budha's true but illegitimate father. Therefore a gandanta Moon combined with a dominant Budha -- exempli gratia, in Mithuna or Kanya -- may cause the person to over-verbalize about their emotional fluctuations, resulting in a psychological fixation on their problems. For example, the nativity with a weakened gandanta-zone Revati Chandra , where Chandra receives drishti of uttama-Budha in yuvati bhava , can give a relentlessly verbal-analytical spouse who accurately but painfully dissects all the personality weaknesses of the native.

Chandra is weakened and cannot self-defend. But such extremes are rare.

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  • Normally, gandanta is a minor factor in evaluating the Moon or lagna. These three portions are all ruled by weird, earth-alienated, psychic Ketu. The Moon is not especially comfortable in fiery rashi generally; Professor Chandra craves the kapha element of water. Mula Azvini and Magha are helpful to humanity even though they behave in an eccentric way.

    Mula indicates smooth operators. It begins with Prajapati and ends with Rakashasa.

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    The general results of children born in MOOLa are not bad to extent described. The children born in 3,34,4,35,7,38,10,41,13,44,16,47,17,48,19,50,20,23,51,54,27,58,29,60,30,61,31 and 62 ghatis do not suffer any type of Moola Dosha.

    This sloka is in context. Sukheva yukto dhana vahanadhyo himstro baladkathaha karma karta; Pratapilaarati janmanushyo moolo krutisyaajjananam prapannaha.!!.

    Therefore it is extremely difficult to remember all the details and apply cautiously. We have classical example from past about Sant Tulsi Das.

    Gandanta - The Karmic Knot - Jothishi

    He is reported to have been born in abhukta mool gandanta.. Father was Mr. Child overstayed and was in womb for 12months. He had full set of teeths at birth itself. Father was worried and mother sent child on Dasami Thithi to her parents with servant. Mother dies on Elevnth thithi. Servant reared child but died when Tulsi was around five and half year old.

    Mūla Nakṣatra Birth

    Father died when Tulasi was 6 month old. He was married on VS jeyastha shukla 13 day was Thursday Naturally study of his chart would have been interesting. I have come across many charts of Sant Tulasi das, but they are not convincing as they do not justify birth circumstances. Old Village called Rajpur was somewhere between Allahabad and Banda. We may take Banda as birth place.

    There were two Sravan month in Samvat and birth of Tulasi das occurred in adhik maas. Day was Saturday.

    Introduction to Nakshatra (Star)

    Tulasi left his mortal coil on vs sravan Krishna tritya Saturday at age of I have failed to get correct chart using J hora as Birth data does not fit in. Therefore I urge That Chart of Tulasi is worked out and Abhukt mool results are verified by those who want to be precise, with exceptions listed. Can you share the chart of Tulsi Das Prabhu? Thank you kindly for sharing this knowledge; that we might become fluent in this divine trika system.

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