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Gemini Health Horoscope 12222: Eat Healthy To Avoid Any Heart Ailments!

On July 2 a Solar Eclipse will fall in your 2nd House of Earned Income, breathing new life and possibilities into your personal cash flow. Let's say you've been out of work.


Now, you've got a fresh start and you're ready to nurture your talents in order to maximize opportunities coming your way in career. If you have been thinking about asking for a raise at your current position or if you are thinking about creating a new source of income for yourself, now is the time to act. Additional eclipses across your money axis on July 16 and December 26 will demand even more flexibility in how you decide to allocate funds.

You might be paying off a chunk of debt this year such as a credit card bill, student loan, or even a mortgage. Or, it's possible that you'll be seeking venture capital or a line of credit in order to pay for something major. If you are looking for investment money for a business, then you'll want to move forward with this near January 31, June 18, or November 8 when Saturn, now in your 8th house, will be at a perfect angle to Neptune at the top of your chart.

The money will manifest! By the same token, if you're involved in a new business relationship this year, be aware of the possibility that both of you are over idealistic about each other and the alliance. You might be giving this person blind trust -- especially near January 13, June 16, and September 21 when Jupiter in your relationship sector squares off to Neptune in your career sector.

All is not as it seems and you just don't want to see it. Now this doesn't mean the relationship is shady, but it does mean that you are not seeing everything with total clarity. A disappointment is possible. What can you cut back on? What can you make more of? A little bit of effort can go a long way here. Get rid, ghost them, phase these characters out. If the boss or colleagues are irritating, ignore them and focus on the job or leave.

Do different to get different results. A move onwards is highly likely by summer. You know, what is all this hard work for if not to grant us a comfortable life? Invest your money in good times, dreams and those you love this year. A slightly older, wealthy Earth sign Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn is on the cards for you in , Cancer!

This person is ambitious, successful, resilient, strong and stoic - a rock for you to lean on.

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They can help transform your life and, together, you can achieve more than either could alone. Make that commitment overt and visible in your lives, and the relationship will quickly accelerate to the next level. The first card of the tarot dictates that a new start awaits you in - that could be a bigger role, a whole new job, or even a completely left-field turn into retraining, travelling, sabbatical or entrepreneurial plans.

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Be led by hope, no matter what others think. This year, an opportunity to draw it back into your life permanently will arise and you MUST seize that chance. What you start in has long term potential. Air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are driving you nuts this year! That might be as low-key as taking on different responsibilities, or it might reflect a totally new path in the work world.

Power to you! You spend a lot of time at work, it needs to feel fun and fulfilling - make that a priority this year. Love is in the air for you in , Virgo! Happy families, blossoming new romances, deepening commitments and bonds.

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Whatever your current relationship status is now, expect it to significantly improve as the year progresses. Invest your time with those you love and like as often as you can. THIS is the ley to happiness right now. Do more of what you love and find success doing it. If you can dream it, Libra, you CAN do it. What changes in is the natural emergence of a more relaxed attitude to using your money to bring new experiences and pleasure into your life.

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  8. For singles, get ready for a passionate, charming Water sign to literally sweep you off your feet Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. They are like a whirlwind through your life, spicing everything UP. Wowzers, lucky Libra!

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    Are you ready for some hard graft? Of course you are, you were born ready, Scorpio! What you invest your time and energy in, in , will pay back dividends. Focus your efforts, make deliberate choices about where you prioritise your time and skill. Manifest what you desire. Hard work will get you further faster than you currently think possible.

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    Whatever goes awry in , welcome it. Security is important to you, and marks the first page of a new chapter of financial stability and even prosperity. Let this mark a fresh start. Passion is a priority in your life, and you like to feel intensity with those you love. Well, things might relax a little on that front in Someone who changes how you think about relationships. For the better! Freedom and movement are your catnip, so why are you staying put?

    Be very deliberate about what, in your career, you need and find stabilising, and where there is room for growth, change and fresh opportunity.


    Mix it up. Welcome new news. Keep on moving. Protect your own interests financially this year.

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