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Sexual energy reaches a peak during the next two days, so plan accordingly. If you are married, make time for your spouse. If you are single, this may be the best time of the month to make a play for someone you are interested in! You are ready to take a breather as the changing Moon spends time under the covers in your twelfth house of secrets and solitude. This is your lunar low cycle, so don't try to push yourself too hard.

It is time to rest and recharge your spiritual batteries. Surround yourself with pleasant people and stick to places you feel safe and comfortable in. According to the planets they are deliberately being vague and obstructive because they know it annoys you.

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Maybe you should act as if you don't care. You seem to be flavour of the month with just about everyone at the moment and that's nice, but don't take other people's regard for you for granted. As with all relationships, romantic and platonic, you need to bring something to the feast too. You cannot escape your problems by retreating into your shell or focusing exclusively on your work. A relationship issue of some sort demands to be dealt with today, because if you keep ignoring it then it could easily become a fixture in your life.

Searchers hunt missing Spanish Olympian in mountain area

Try to avoid getting too emotional. You may have good reason to believe that you have been betrayed but if you let your feelings guide you there will be no going back. There is still time to resolve the situation without resorting to confrontation. If a friend or family member tries to dissuade you from taking a certain course of action you would be wise to listen to what they say. Astrologically, more needs to be observed. Great astrologers like you have cracked the astro combinations for sporting success but there is nothing in the public domain yet. Till that time astrologers can give false hope to budding Indian sportsmen for minting money.

Regards Kush Singh.

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This letter from Kush who has reported and written for English newspapers of England also an astrologer, explains what I have been saying all my life. That has offended many. For Indians trip to the Olympics is a picnic, not a competitive event is what I have to tell out of sheer disgust. I have followed Olympics since and I know about sports in India which Kush has expressed it clearly in his letter to me. My friend from Haryana , Satya Prakash Yadav, with roots in Haryana, explained how some people in that state started coaching centers for wrestling and boxing which have got us some prizes in international competitions.

We all know how P. Gopinath, who was give some land after he won the All England badminton title , started his badminton coaching center in Hyderabad.

In Olympics two prizes we got-- both women, were from these centers. And remember we sent a contingent of !!

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Adding to the lunacy and expectations of Indian sports lovers were an absurd piece like this. This report comes after a projection from Associated Press marked the mixed doubles tennis pairing of Sania Mirza-Rohan Bopanna to bag a bronze in Rio while 50m pistol participant Jitu Rai is expected to win a silver medal in shooting for India. The Goldman Sachs' medal tally prediction gives India two medals more than their tally in the last Olympics in London.

The Sports Authority of India, on the other hand, have a target of 10 medals for the athletes set to participate in Rio. Creating Lunacy: Stage Two When Sakshi ended the medals drought Indian newspapers and television channel gave it such a wide coverage for hour and hours as though India was on the top of the table of medal winners. Some television channels devoted nearly six hours to this news item. Many people remained glued to their television watching the match.

Rio Olympics PV Sindhu's silver worth its weight The anti climax See the irony of it all. We sent a contingent more than participants, all males failed, some of them even could not qualify for later rounds. We sent more than participants and only two , women not men , helped India appear on the medals table.

At Sochi , she was disqualified from the m, 1,m and 1,m. Christie also competed at Vancouver , where her best result was 11th in the m.

However, it hasn't deterred Christie, who said she will make another tilt at an Olympic medal at Beijing Short track is a notorious for its crashes and penalties. In the women's 1,m heats on Tuesday, six skaters were disqualified.

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And in the women's 3,m relay A final, only two of the four teams finished the race. One reason is that the skaters race in such close proximity to one another, often bumping and tripping while whizzing round the rink at speeds of up to 50 kilometres 30 miles per hour. But not everyone is convinced it is merely bad luck that is plaguing Christie. Britain's Daily Telegraph, reporting from Pyeongchang, said hard questions must be asked.

olympian newspaper horoscope Olympian newspaper horoscope
olympian newspaper horoscope Olympian newspaper horoscope
olympian newspaper horoscope Olympian newspaper horoscope
olympian newspaper horoscope Olympian newspaper horoscope
olympian newspaper horoscope Olympian newspaper horoscope

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