October 20 equinox astrology

Venus enters Sagittarius

They often tie to a person who does not meet them either intellectually or physically, all because of the fear of loneliness.

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Persons born on this day are devoted to their loved ones and are able to show in their actions their affections to others. But this is not the whole in their inner personalities, and they are also capable of deep connection with other people; it will come to be true when they meet the right partner. Perhaps this is just one reason for their success, objectivity and distance seems to work in their favor. They are significantly affected by rejection, and difficulties or delays can dramatically undermine the power of their spirit — rejection of any kind, but especially in the love relationship can be catastrophic for them.

These people born on October 20 cannot deal well with rejection; it is a significant lesson that they need to learn all of their lives, end even then they are never sure that they will know how to react. In every possible aspect, these people are very powerful, and they do not like when others get involved too much in a thing that they do, they are individuals.


Your Libra Season Horoscope

These people born on October 20 can be too rigid and almost military in a discipline that they impose on themselves and others also. These people are strong minded and always have clear heads when an accident occurs, or some trouble is in the air -they know how to react properly. These people are great logicians, and they can talk well, they are very persuasive. At times these people can be quiet and reserved, and they are inclined to find in others the disadvantages that need to be solved. These Libras have good executive abilities, so they can be successful in any venture you are engaging in.

More importantly, these people are ready to risk, so they will try out where others get caught.

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  8. Whatever may happen, in the end, they will always come out as a winner, because happiness seems to be on their side. When we speak more about their skills and natural abilities, we could say that those who are born on October 20 are the people who are musical and love this artistic life and environment -it could be said that this is their natural environment, where they can produce the most.

    October 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

    While they are working, these people are practical and concrete, there is no second thought with them, they take the obligations, and they will do it the best possible way. They readily accept responsibility; and will succeed in life if live in harmony with their best standards and ideals. That energy should be spent stabilizing your own reality. You have enough on your plate as is!

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    Marie Kondo can handle the rest. Write in a journal, chat with a friend, or sit with a therapist.

    Virgo - Let Your Confidence Shine! Autumn Equinox Tarot & Astrology Reading

    Combat your inner struggles honestly. People depend on you, Sagittarius darling. They need you to stick around, so try not to run away! As the literal boss of the zodiac, you value hard work and hold yourself to an exceptionally high standard. I know it may be hard to believe, but not everyone wants to achieve the same things you do. In fact, some people actually want to live peaceful, stress-free lives. Sometimes your friends are just inviting you to Sunday brunch…and the request is as simple as that.

    Solstices and Equinoxes

    This spring, cancel excessive combativeness and avoid turning your community into the enemy. Instead, reserve your energy for causes that actually matter As the last sign of the zodiac, you are an extremely sensitive creature. The people who disrespect your boundaries are the exact folks you need to cut ties with. Follow Aliza on Instagram. Type keyword s to search. Spring is definitely a season for new beginnings, for new growth, and for a fresh new start in our lives.

    In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn is a time of death. It is perhaps one of the most meaningful times of year as it reminds us of the cycle of death and rebirth. Sometimes things have to die so they can be reborn for a greater purpose or a greater mission.

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    Sometimes we have to let go in order to welcome in the new. Autumn is a time where the expression of energy moves from an outer state to an inner state. It is a time where we are encouraged to retreat within and to begin thinking about clearing and letting go of things from our lives. It is a time where we have to release, clear out the clutter, and to celebrate all we have achieved and accomplished.

    It is also a time of harvest, where we can reap the rewards of all our hard work and effort. In many ways, this flow of energy on opposite ends of the globe is more similar than it is different. No matter where you live, you are being encouraged to begin a new cycle and enter into a new flow of energy that will help to carry you further on your journey. Each year the Equinox carries a slightly different vibration based on what activities are occurring in the cosmos.

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    6. This subtle vibration can elude to what the astrological year ahead may have in store for us. This year, the Equinox falls very close to the Libra Super Moon. This Libra Full Moon represents a huge point of release, and will be guiding us to really purge and let go of the year passed. As it falls in the sign of Libra, it is also encouraging us to find balance in our lives, and this theme will continue for the rest of as well.

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