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Gain valuable insight into the performance and status of your APIs requests. Our dashboard allows you to track your API consumption in realtime. Our API subscription pricing is the most cost effective and affordable astrological service available. Our pricing is quite simple and straight forward with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Our plans are fully customisable as per your needs. Pay only for the features you want.

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You can even customise predefined plans or add new APIs to them. Construct your complete horoscope website. You can provide various reports and analysis to your customers. Enhance your website with daily predictions for all your users. Vedic Rishi APIs help Astrologers save their time in manual calculations thus making their predictions real fast and easy.

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APIs such as Panchang , Match Making, Horoscope , Nakshatra predictions can be useful for predicting events and identifying doshas at the earliest. Create match making report providing users with ashtakoot matching charts. Manglik dosha can be identified and remedies for the same will help your customers with useful solution.

Give your customer leverage of using the correct gemstones and semi-precious stones. Using our gemstone suggestion API, you can provide your customers with suggestion of gemstone from their birth details and horoscope. Thus helping them to get the right choice of gemstone for their better future. Access your Panchang from anywhere and get your work done on the right muhurta. Create a powerful solution for your users by personalized puja suggestion based on the horoscope.

Identify various doshas like pitra dosha, kaal sarp dosha and other such doshas. A must for online pandit booking and online Puja web solutions. Construct more personalized web horoscope solutions with daily personalized predictions of your visitor based on their birth details.

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Endow your customers with various numerological suggestions like Favorable color, Mantra to be chanted and many more easy solutions through our Numerology APIs. We have segmented the astrological features in various packages with very simple pricing structure.

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And yes, we provide day FREE trial for every plan. Sign up and login to API dashboard. You can subscribe to any of the plans for 14 days free access. For astrology enthusiasts, a birth chart also called a natal chart offers a means of explaining your personality. The birth chart identifies your astrological details with remarkable precision, identifying the key astronomical body sun, moon, or one of the planets with one specific sign of the 12 astrological houses.

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For example, the birth chart can identify you as a "Mercury-in-Leo" personality. The birth chart also allows you to study the relationships between the planets, called the aspects. For sincere enthusiasts of astrology, a birth chart is a tool for making decisions and understanding themselves and others, while for others it is simply good fun and fuel for conversation. To receive a precise chart you need detailed birth information—date of birth, place of birth, and the time-of-day when you greeted the world for the first time.

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Your birth data is saved and available each time you go to the Astrodienst site from your home computer. Cafe Astrology is a great site filled with engaging and provocative interpretations. Once you've put in your data, you'll have access to the chart and the interpretations that to go with it.

online astrology software for websites Online astrology software for websites
online astrology software for websites Online astrology software for websites
online astrology software for websites Online astrology software for websites
online astrology software for websites Online astrology software for websites
online astrology software for websites Online astrology software for websites

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