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Also, watch out for arguments! Now isn't the time to send a critiquing text to someone—it could turn into an argument faster than you realize. Mercury meets Venus and the sun connects with Pluto on September 13, bringing about a powerful emotional and creative metamorphosis. A secret affair may also have a juicy twist at this time!

An important moment of change arrives on September 14 thanks to the full moon in Pisces, which finds you letting go of any old habits or daily tasks at work that need to exit your life so that you can be more productive. The full moon in Pisces wants you to have more flexibility in your schedule and to engage in more creative endeavors. But, be warned: This is a sneaky full moon, with Mars opposing Neptune. People are especially full of crap at this time, so don't waste your time, money, or energy on them.

Your Libra Monthly Horoscope

For example, if someone unreliable offers to cover your shift at work because you do very much need time off this month! A boost in mental acuity arrives this day and you're comfortably expressing yourself, feeling much less withdrawn than you had been earlier this month.

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Taskmaster Saturn ends its retrograde on September 18, finding you reflecting on your situation at home and with your family. Security and privacy are on your mind, and you're rebuilding the foundation of your life in a major way this year.

It's a slow process, but you're getting there, and on September 19, as Mars connects with Pluto, you're working out a great strategy to get what you need. This is also a powerful time to clear out fears that have been weighing your mind down and to energetically cleanse your home. Jupiter clashes with Neptune for the third time this year on September 21 the first two times being on January 13 and June 16 , so think back to what was taking place for you at those times. Your neighborhood and commute are undergoing transformations, and those changes might be very inconvenient or even heartbreaking.

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You might find yourself very disappointed with the outcome of something, but at least you're one step closer to the truth. I'll say it plainly, since you can't always expect others to be so clear: Stop making plans with people who can't keep them. Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 22, finding you facing some obstacles around communication.

A grumpy mood is in the air, and this may be a difficult time to connect with family members.

Libra monthly horoscope - October 12222

At the same time, now is a fantastic moment to use that energy to say no to something, which can usually be hard for you to do. Libra season begins on September Happy solar return! Mercury is normally here for 14 to 15 days but a retrograde turn at the end of the month will keep him here for two months, which means he and his smart head for money will still be here when Mars returns next month. When it comes to the activity on the professional front this month you are right in the Goldilocks zone, where things are not too hot, not too cold and are just right.

Needing to come to a standstill ahead of his direct turn next month, Neptune has the brakes on. There could be some excitement on the job front when the Moon moves through from 10th October to 12th October.

This could see some unexpected developments on the job front or things that have been up in the air become more certain. In the meantime, while Neptune is watching over things on the job front, the North Node is watching over things on the career front and in particular, is watching over a sense of professional direction which it is its job to maintain and update.

Neither the North Node or Neptune are calling too much attention to themselves, but they are standing guard over job and career matters. What makes the difference this month is the return of the faster moving planets to your income sector. As well as kicking off the most potentially lucrative months of , each planet moving through your income sector will at some point move into a friendly aspect to the North Node on the career and Neptune on the job front.

This planetary activity will still be playing out when Neptune turns direct next month. From the moment the first planet returns to your income sector on 3rd October this will create positive dynamics across the income, work and career fronts and it will stay that way for the rest of the year.

Decan 1 Libra Horoscope October 12222

Also read: Libra Horoscope Anne has worked as a professional Astrologer, writing Horoscope Content for the media, public and private clients since and currently provides Horoscope Content to companies in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and around the world. Horoscope October Horoscope. You are an analytical air sign, so you might tend to overthink things sometimes. By quieting down, you will get in touch with your inner voice.

Libra Horoscope for September - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

If you do, it will tell you what you need to do. When the twelfth house is so strongly accented, as it is now for you, it is a time of enormous creativity. The remarkable part about this new moon is that Uranus is perfectly positioned to shower you with several happy surprises. One of them is how prescient you will be—friends will be amazed. You may want to spend the first three weeks of September alone, tinkering with a creative artistic or literary project that requires concentration on your part.

You can alternatively work on your thesis or opening or closing remarks for the courtroom, as some examples. Preparation leads to success, and never more than now. If you feel a need to see a professional to talk over a troubling problem, this month would be the perfect time to do it. Start as early in the month as possible to capture the beautiful energy of the twelfth house new moon that first appeared two days before the start of September on August 30, in Virgo at seven degrees. The twelfth house also rules places of healing and confinement, such as rehab centers, hospitals, physical therapy facilities, post-operative recovery centers, nursing homes, and so forth.

You might be mixing with medical personnel this month whether to consult a specialist to help you with your mind, body, or spirit, or to support a close friend or relative who needs some of your good cheer and encouragement while they get well.

libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope
libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope
libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope
libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope
libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope
libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope
libra next month horoscope Libra next month horoscope

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