Horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus

Taurus Daily Horoscope December 14 2014

The Moon enters cool and logical Aquarius today at AM, but it's midday that will be the most exciting.

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The Sun squares Jupiter at AM, challenging us to check our ego which is probably pretty massive, being that the Sun is in confident Fire sign Sagittarius. Communication issues are also major today with chatty Mercury sextile the planet of dreamers and poets, Neptune. This is not a "loud and clear" kind of vibe; rather, we'll be understanding each other on a psychic, intuitive level. If your current schedule is not working for you, today is the day things will really start to crumble. Something has got to change! Positive communications around your goals will come today.

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People might say you're one of the more shallow signs of the zodiac, Taurus, but today that couldn't be further from the truth. You're having major philosophical breakthroughs.

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You will make positive connections with cool people today. The Moon is in fellow Air sign Aquarius today, which is a super great omen that adventure is on its way. You need to make some adjustments in your relationships, especially concerning issues relating to work or reputation. Today you're thinking a lot about your relationships and how to improve communication.

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If there's something you need to say, use today's Moon in logical Aquarius to express yourself as effectively as possible. Not everyone is as psychic as you are. The Moon is in Aquarius, your opposite sign, and it's highlighting the partnership sector of your chart, which means relationships will weigh very heavily on your mind. Figuring out who's responsible for what in your partnerships is a biggy today. You're feeling super inspired today creatively, and a new muse may enter the scene— who or what will inspire you today, Virgo?

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  5. The Moon is in unconventional Aquarius today, so don't be afraid to try something new. The Moon is in fellow Air sign Aquarius today, which is super lucky for you, lovely Libra. Communication at home or with you family will get smoothed over today, which is great, because you're so not into drama today. The Moon is in freethinking Aquarius, and you're wondering what you can do to better stand out from the crowd.

    Some love letters or fan mail will arrive in your inbox today, Scorpio, and it's a super inspired day creatively.

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    Trust your instinct when it comes to situations around money, work, or even your self-esteem today. Even though you're a wild and free centaur, security is important to you, so trust your gut if you get a bad feeling. You should end the week feeling wealthier, wiser and more secure. And that in turn will encourage success in other areas of your life.

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    Bury your head in the sand no longer! Whatever the case, do try to make some time for yourself.

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    There is still plenty of tension around, but you can afford to take a deep breath and plan for a future free from certain imaginary worries and illusory fears. The next week could bring its share of mystery, so have your answers ready — and get a grip on the facts. An additional factor is introduced into your horoscope today — the need to pay for your plans. After all, you still have much to achieve that is so worthwhile.

    You can think about what exactly you need to do next. You could use your time to bring family and domestic affairs into the open. The Moon indicates that you could be somewhat volatile, but that you are also entitled to insist only on the highest standards. Whoever you are, whatever you have been through, and no matter how much has been stirred up, you must understand that what happens to you is part of an unfolding pattern. Recent events have given you the chance to move a little closer towards your destiny.

    Being mistress, or master, of your own future, is more important to you than it once was.

    horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus Horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus
    horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus Horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus
    horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus Horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus
    horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus Horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus
    horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus Horoscope december 14 taurus or taurus

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