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They are open and they have good logical reasoning. They make friends easily and they are attractive.

㉙ Numerology Number 29. Secrets of your Birthday

They are clever and communicative. They often inspire and encourage other people to be creative. Weaknesses, what should be learned These people should avoid boredom.


Numerology Of 29: Born On The 29th Of The Month?

Their romantic relationships are unclear. They find it hard to talk about their feelings. They have high expectations of other people. They are vulnerable. Dangerous misunderstandings may occur. You prefer to blame others for your ineffectiveness. Instead of working with others, you tend to plow through with blinders on without taking others into consideration. You force issues rather than working with a balanced perspective. You sit on the sidelines and never risk taking the lead.

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Your talents reside in your harmonizing abilities, personal relations, and sensitivity to others. You bask in beauty, attention, and can often be gifted artistically and musically. You gravitate toward safety, security, and love. You can feel like a victim and suffer from depression and a deep lack of confidence. Your presence is galvanizing, yet your highest and best use is to inspire others through your example. Your mind works intuitively — understand that your over-all sensitivity is your blessing and your curse. In order to feel satisfied in your life, you need to engage in some sort of creative outlet or hobby.

You find that your glass is half empty and life feels emotionally debilitating and often hopeless. Passive-aggression or sarcasm becomes your emotional weapon of choice. You tend to dig in, hover, and wait — cutting you off from opening yourself to other solutions or creative ideas.

Since you struggle with inflexibility, you often experience repression, frustration, and a feeling of insurmountable limitation. You can teeter toward blunt and tactless communication; yet not understand that other people are attempting to communicate on a more creative or emotional realm, which sometimes feels foreign to you. You can be fearful of your ambitions and feel undeserving.

You have a quick mind and love shaking it up and exploring the world. You attract people from all walks of life and love to experience the exotic.

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You are the drama Queen or King, demanding constant activity and stimulation. The key is to discipline your energies, contain your focus, and develop light routine and orderliness in your life. You can also experience the opposite — which is the ultimate Fear Factor. You can feel too fearful about the world, paranoid, and unable to focus, follow-through, and be productive. You often have a knack for bringing out the best in those around you. You often are a natural artist or musician and can also gravitate toward the healing arts.

Your numerology meaning states you are a profound thinker, who is highly intuitive and creative. A day person like you is devoted and caring, but likely sensitive and possessing strong self-esteem doubts.

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Often complicated and misunderstood, you are easily influenced by your surroundings and desire attention from others. This master number symbolizes the potential for higher intuition and spiritual insight.

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Other characteristics include increased sensitivity and high levels of empathy toward others. Several strengths were derived from the master number, including intuition and empathy. Your high level of intuitiveness, which is your biggest gift, leads you to be creative and steers you to think in terms of pictures. Pulling ideas out of the sky is not a problem for you with your strong mind and acute insight.

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Because of your intuition, you are a great counselor and healer toward others. You have a strong love of family and home life. Mutli-tasking is never an issue for the person who can do many things at once with no problem. You truly have a gift to inspire and are a visionary with strong wisdom. You crave social interaction and attention.

Birthday Number 29 – Job and Career
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