Chiron return astrology

by Zane B. Stein

Dismantling them means we have to face our fears , our power, and our truth. When we can integrate what we learned from Chiron being in every sign and house, we move up an octave in vibration and we spiral up to a new cycle.

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If we fail to do so, we continue in a circle. This is not a race, so no judgment. Again, consciousness and conscientiousness together can transform our point of awareness and perspective, just like that. Chiron is the son of Kronos Saturn. To escape detection for his adultery with the sea nymph Phylia, he transformed himself into a horse and hence Chiron is half-horse and half-man. Some say unicorn.

He is also half-earth and half-sea. Chiron is thus a bridge between the animal instincts and our higher self.

Because Chiron travels between Uranus and Saturn, touching on both orbits at some point, we also see it as a mediator between these two planets, archetypes, and energies. Uranus is about freedom, sudden change, rebirth, genius. Saturn is about structure, material, time, and limits. How do we incorporate these energies into our daily life and in fulfilling our dreams? How did Chiron get wounded? Because Chiron was immortal, he did not perish though the wound never fully healed.

In the end, he offered to die in exchange for the freedom of Prometheus who was being punished for stealing fire for humankind. Chiron was a renowned healer and wise teacher, with students including Jason, Achilles, Hercules, and Asclepius. He taught astrology, healing music, medicine, archery, for example. We all have a Chiron return between 49 and 51 years old.

For those born between and , you will have your Chiron Return in the next several years. You can check with an astrologer for the timing. Check the table below to see the dates when Chiron was in Aries as Chiron did move out of Aries twice in this time span.

The Chiron Return in Pisces

Chiron in Sign info is from Cafe Astrology 2. Chiron returning to Aries means that a whole new generation of Chiron in Aries folks are being born now. This may manifest as worthlessness, doubt, a fear of being frail and dependent, a sense of misunderstood, rejected, abandoned, not good enough or unloved, self-pity, and self-judgment. They can also overcompensate by always needing to prove themselves.

Those with Chiron in Aries can become gifted, unique, and creative healers, teachers, leaders, pioneers, and catalysts. The energy of Aries is initiating, quick, creative, direct, bold, and driven. Aries rules the head and the wound needing our attention may be a physical one. This may be a head trauma, headaches and migraines, and concussions.

Chiron in Aries: From Wounded Warriors to No-Limits Soldiers

Aries is also associated with the planet Mars and the element of Fire. Chiron teaches the ways of the sacred warrior. We come to understand what we are truly fighting for and why we are called to be brave and decisive. The key to warriorship and the first principle of Shambhala vision is not being afraid of who you are. Ultimately, that is the definition of bravery: not being afraid of yourself.

The nature of Chiron in Aries also depends on what house Chiron is and what aspects exist within the chart. The table below gives you a brief glimpse of each of the houses. There is a sense of destiny when we experience Chiron Return. Chiron Return is like this door in the wall we have built and through this doorway, we can step into a different life, the life we are meant to live.

Is it Your Chiron Return? By Sandra Shih.

The Chiron return

What is Chiron About? The Gift of the Wound Part of the wisdom we gain is about imperfection and contribution. Our Chiron Return As we travel through our life, Chiron moves from its natal placement in our astrological chart through each zodiac sign and house. Chiron in Mythology. After his death, he was placed in the skies as the constellation Sagittarius. Even though he suffered greatly from his wound, Chiron did not wallow. The menopausal woman is in a liminal, transitional phase, and she is pregnant with her future, wise, elder self.

She needs to take very good care of herself, go on retreat as much as possible, not exhaust her adrenal glands, clarify her life so it really works for her, and let go of occupations and relationships that drain her physically or emotionally. Most of the symptoms of menopause are actually an injunction from the body to do just this, and we harm ourselves by trying to medicate them away, especially through the use of hormones. At the Chiron return, men also feel a drop in their hormone levels, paralleling the hormone changes in women.

While these changes are often less obvious in men than they are in women, diminished levels of testosterone can affect male sexuality and mood. Andropause can give rise give rise to a loss in confidence and a sense of insecurity.

Chiron And Friends - Chiron Return

For men, too, if you can relax around the transitional time and follow the wisdom inherent in the process, there is a rebalancing of body and psyche that changes emotional needs, sexual drive, and energy levels. Best of Astrology A repository of the best Astrological content from across the web. Stay updated via RSS. Share this: Facebook Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Blog at WordPress.

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