Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology

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The 4 points is just an approximation. Jupiter on the other hand has an average above 4 and so 4 only can be a bit below average for jupiter etc. I understand that we should not use Ashtavarga scores for Dasa predictions. And only to be used for transit analysis. I have tried to figure out the logic but it eludes me.

How will Mars in Capricorn act ceteris paribus? Also Mars is moving for an extended period into Capricorn very soon. What would be its effects in general?

Mars and Jupiter conjunction in Astrology

As always thank you for your advice. Regards KRS. Mars is extreme energy and impulsive and sudden. Capricorn is a sign of Saturn and restriction. Thus mars in Saturn houses as well as being aspected by Saturn becomes very strong. Will there be any conjunction effect if mars 4 degrees and ketu 16 degrees are in the 11th house in scorpio — capricorn ascendant?

Ascendant lord saturn is retrograde in 10th house and moon in placed in ascendant. Mars is placed in 12th house cancer from leo lagna.. There is never any point in being worried about your chart or any other chart. Destiny plays out regardless of our worry or not, that itself is the learning of Jyotish. Mars is a yoga karaka for Leo, generally speaking it rarely does much damage to Leo ascendant charts overall. More than that, each chart needs to be studied carefully and no general statements can be made.

I asked that yogakaraka mars with jupiter at gemini for cancer ascendant will give me fruits for my hardwork as it is in enemy house. But vargottama at navansa and retograde at raasi. For proper predictions, one has to look into the entire horoscope in detail and not just a few planets and their rashis.

I can not provide personal readings right now, hence there is no point in speculating an answer for you at this stage. Unfortunately I get s of such comments and emails everyday. As it seems, no matter how much I say this, people keep chasing for personal readings regardless. I delete most of such comments without a reply unfortunately.

Thank you sir. There is no one to save my life. If it hurts you sorry…….. Hi Mahesh, Please get help through proper channels. However you do sound desperate and keep mentioning taking your life. Note that it is never the solution. Be strong and get proper help, including counseling by medical professionals if need be. Please throw some insight. Astrology does not work like this in small parts and pieces here or there. One has to analyze the entire chart, planets, degrees, yogas, strengths and divisional charts etc in tandem with dasas and transits to come to any conclusion. Request you to have my birth chart details and give some insight.

Thanking you for providing your valuable response. Eventhough a person have good ability and skills if mars retograde instead of achieving own better he can start a consultation firm to achieve success and the firm getting consultation will achieve a peak. Is it so. The case was leo ascendant, the mars yogakaraka planet exaltation and ketu placed in 6th house capicorn and Rahu placed in cancer 12th house.

Sun exaltation in 9th house with Mars aspects. Can anyone help me to find, 1. And it is with Ketu will it will affect the benefits. Saturn retrograde and moon both placed in 5th house from ascendant. Is it good or it will affect the 5th house.. Sun exalted in 9th house, and exalted mars aspects and Jupiter aspects the sun from third house, but Jupiter is in retrograde condition.

Will it affect the 9th house. Is it good? Does Mars in the 1st for a Leo ascendant create promiscuity? Since it aspects the 4th, 7th and 8th? Hence posting my question in this article thread.

Generic Effects of Mars (Mangal/ Kuja)

Pushya , same Rashi i. Mars is present in 5th house in Pisces sign. Jupiter is present in 7th house in Taurus sign. Mars and Moon are present in 7th house in cancer sign. I dont give personal readings here, the general advise I can give, horoscope matching doesnt work well like this. Hello sir, For Taurus lagna, Mars in cancer, moon in Virgo and Saturn in Libra with rahu saturn 13 degree and rahu 16 degree so 3 degree apart and Venus In a kundali with saggitarus ascendant 21degree mars 17degree and moon 28degree conjunct in 4th house of pieces what would their results be since moon gains strenght in 4th house and mars looses directional strenght in 4th house but both are freinds of ascendant.

Not good for longevity of the mother person can have a tendency to be overemotional and dramatic. Namasthe sir, very interesting article. I also went through the comments and your responses. My doubt and fear is that, my brother with Gemini ascendant is having mars in 4th house, he is going to start Mangala MD in Already he is suffering much because of birth during lunar eclipse, and Jupiter in 8th house. Could you please tell me what we can expect as specific as possible. I know that you have mentioned that you wouldnt do personal chart readings.

Kindly enlighten as much as you wish…. Hello, I wish you and your brother the best. HOwever randomly speculating is not what I do. No one or 2 planets can tell the results of a chart. One has to study the chart as a whole and in comprehensive detail before coming to any conclusion. My query is regarding the behavior of Mars posited in the 9th house at Aquarius for a native of Gemini ascendant. Mars receives a full drishti from Jupiter posited at Leo. The depositor Saturn is placed at own house at Capricorn. Now the Mars maha dasha is running for the native and will be continuing when the native turns 28 in 2 years.

What are the generic effects that are to be expected in this case? Also, in this case Mars is also the AK in the birth chart, does this create any positive or negative influence in the overall chart during this Mahadasha. Hi Pratheek, again to really know the results, you have to finely observe all 9 planets and how they are interacting with each other and the bhaavs in the chart.

Hence anything I answer to just generalize predictions is not much more than speculation and hence a waste of time for me. Sorry for the vague query, however can you please clarify whether the status of a planet as an AK or AmK, will influence the results that it may give during its Dashas. Charak karaks jamini and sthira karakas fixed karakas are always important to understand while performing any predictions.

Hi VS If a planet moves in Bhav chalit chart, will it impact aspection of planets. Let say… Mars through its 8 dristhi aspecting saturn in 4th house in lagan chart but if this saturn moves to 5th house in bhav chalit. What was the aspect impact of Mars. Drishtis are mathematical also. So no point in confusing these 2 things. Sukshama parivartarna typically works only during the mutual dasha combinations of the involved 2 planets, but either way it is a good combo to have between yoga causing planets.

Hello VS, should the bhaavs affected by the sukshma parivartan yoga be counted from the Moon primarily.. You keep on doing your service. Is it so? Thank you VS JI. Since noted at some e articles that according to phaladeepika if mars becomes 5th dasa for a native it will cause spell disaster for the native. Mars is at Gemini in a software and mars is at cancer with another software. Lot of confusuins sir. Use lahiri or chitrapaksha and put in the time and date and place accurately.

Will Afflicted Mars may cause Blood disorders. But some articles says that if it was aspected or conjuncted by jupiter it will be a great remedy? If it is connected with 6th lord and also 9th lord 6th and 9th are same Jupiter conjunction with 6th lord mars being 10th lord also forming Darma Karma Athipathi yoga.. Answer to your question is that it could but you have to see all the parameters. I can not answer for a specific horo not matter how much you try to generalize the question, it remains a specific question.

If mercury at 8th house at Raasi chalit Pitra Dosha and at 7th at Bahva Chalit mars wont give fruitful and good Results. Follow this site as much as you can. Sri PVR Narasimha is also good. You will get some good stuff from Saptarishis videos but be careful there too. I hope you understand that I mean well for you if you are a sincere learner. You will get there. Best wishes. Anyone making an effort in this wonderful lost art of astrology is doing good in my opinion. As for learning, I would rather stick to the English interpretations of the older texts of parasara and jamini sutras and perhaps phaladeepika.

This takes s of case studies and application of these rules. Hi VS, Need help.

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Will she recover? Venus,being yogakaraka and well placed in taurus and 4th house, can such thing happen in its dasha? If she is brain dead, astrology wont show much anyways. I would recommend mahamrityunanjay mantra and havan for her family to perform. Take care. I came back to this site after a long 8 months gap and its still running and queries are still being replied back. Great work VS…!!!! VS has been answering my questions for about 3 years. All credit to VS. I am blessed to get the best tutors those who stick to orthodoxy, shastras.. Congrats Sundar Sir. Sundar sir. Nutrition and Wellness Strategist.

Mars – Jupiter Aspects: Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition

Need a help from you if possible…can i have your contacts. At shadbala of mars if it is 5. You mentioned for Scorpio ascendant that Mars in 1st, 3rd and 6th give good results but what about the 9 th where it gets debilitated. For debilitated shani some suggest wearing iron ring? Some people also suggest women should not wear iron ring.

Namaste VS, Please kindly help me with reading if Mars is placed in 5 th house with ketu for vigro ascendent and vargotta Mars , may I know how will be the general life or married life perfection s. It all depends on the functional nature and bhaav placement as well as aspects on this Mars. How would this placement play out if mars is highly malefic virgo ascendant and closely conjuct ketu ketu in MB , placed in 6th house? By virtue of being placed in 6th house VRY , would it be any less severe?

No aspects of any benefic planets. And saturn not expecting either. Also will be prone to accidents and some can be severe depending on degrees and other yogas. Thank you Sir. Sir, please write an article on planetary wars. There seems to be conflicting information on which planets are involved and who wins and loses. Would love to know your view on it. Thank you so much for your articles. Learning a lot. Many astrologers have predicted that my marriage will be challenging.

Please throw some light into this. When can Tula lagna native wear Mars gem? Hi sir.. Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology. Skip to content.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Not About Belief! If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. Lesson of Mars is caution and patience if the lesson of Saturn is Perseverance. However the aspects on it and the strength of rasi and nakshatra depositor is vital to note 5 If BAV score of mars is 4 or more in a horoscope, mars will give good results 6 Mars is functionally the worst planet for Gemini and Virgo ascendants and causes trouble for these ascendants 7 For Scorpio ascendants, even though the lagna lord, it is functionally meddlesome at best as its main sign falls in the dusthana 6th house.

However in this case if it is placed in the 1st, 3rd or 6th bhaav, it will give great overall results 8 A strong mars in the 3rd bhaav gives strength, courage and dynamism to the individual. Such people will be very passionate about the affairs related to the bhav where this conjunction takes place 16 Mars with Moon makes for a determined person who can also be very emotional. Such people are proud, extrovert and straightforward in their actions and can have good leadership abilities if the planets have good dignities 17 Mars with Mercury gives energy and impulse to speech and communication as well as logical thinking abilities of a person.

Typically not good for the health and longevity of the mother as well unless mitigated by other factors 19 Mars is a Karaka for landed properties and real estate. At this age, Mars will show its full promise in the horoscope — good or bad and this will be amplified if the Vimshottari MD of Mars is operating at this time 23 Mars MD of 7 yrs can be a very fruitful time if a person disciplines their energy properly towards their goals.

August 28, at am. Does the Panch Mahaprush Yoga get cancelled or it still active. VS says:. August 31, at am. Hi Anmol Even though I dont respond to personal chart queries, I will attempt to answer the generic part of your query- Yogas and DurYogas negative combinations co-exist. Anmol says:. September 1, at pm. Thanks VS for your reply.

Do you consider this Mars weak Or you also look at varga charts and shadbala or sthana bala to judge strength of planet. September 2, at am. Prasad says:. October 6, at am. Mr Vivek, Your views are well researched. Makes for a nice reading. Please consider the following cases: 1. Does it also cause Angkarak dosha 3. Is point 3 still true or false 5. How does Mars perform in 9th house and in fire sign of Leo Many thanks. October 7, at pm.

As I have said before, the functional nature of planets is more vital than generic nature find out the functional nature of each planet in the horoscope. January 28, at am. Srishti says:. October 21, at am. Vidya says:. October 23, at am. February 23, at pm. February 24, at pm. No single answer to that depends on the overall chart and many other factors to check debilitation cancellation as well as other aspects, yogas, divisionals but is it possible?

Sundar says:. February 27, at pm. Thank you.


February 28, at pm. Results amplified in the virgottam case. Lots of questions from me in one shot on this topic. Thanks for your patience. March 1, at pm. Saikumar adidam says:. May 15, at am. May 15, at pm. May 21, at am. Mercury is in pieces 9th house on revathi nakshtram and sun is in 10th house in Aries.

Thank-you for the reply. June 3, at am. June 3, at pm. July 6, at pm. July 26, at am. August 2, at am. Gomzy says:. December 21, at am. Joy says:. August 14, at am.

Two Planet Conjunction

August 14, at pm. August 15, at pm. Typically such rules that if x planet sits in nth house, another planet in mth house becomes weak or powerless are Lal kitab dictums from the sound of them as for the actual impact of any combination, you have to see the dignities of the planets involved and how close they are to each other. August 20, at am. Suraj says:. December 6, at pm. Hello VS, If Mars is in Cancer sign in the 1st house with 2 degree, then what effect it will have on married life. Venus 10 degree and saturn 20 degree are in conjunction in the 7th house.

Your opinion needed.

Thanks and Regards. December 7, at am. December 7, at pm. No problem in marriage or otherwise. Waiting for more such posts or articles from you. December 8, at am. Ayisha says:. December 8, at pm. December 10, at pm. December 11, at am. Aswathy says:. January 4, at am. January 4, at pm. No personal readings but from what you have described, there is a NB yoga.

January 5, at am. January 8, at am. January 8, at pm. January 25, at am. Thanks in Advance. Hi VS, Thanks for this. In this case Mercury being lord of 6th and 9th is in 8th house Leo. Thanks in Advance Jai. January 25, at pm. JD says:. January 27, at am. Would you please comment something on it along with some remedies? January 27, at pm.

David says:. February 13, at pm. Baskar says:. Ji, Is it good to have Saturn aspecting this Mars? Kindly clarify. Thanks in advance. February 14, at am. February 14, at pm. February 15, at am. February 19, at am. February 20, at am. BR says:. March 5, at pm. I have read it at several places and have seen several horoscopes showing it also As one notable example, Bill Clinton has such a conjunction in his horoscope in Virgo, so Venus is debiliated also.

March 6, at pm.

Mars Jupiter Conjunction Vedic Astrology |

Hmm…I agree with the point regarding 2nd lord being in 12th. But, not sure about the point regarding Saturn. Hi BR you are mostly right. March 27, at pm. Kindly let me know. Thanks much. March 29, at pm. March 30, at pm. So anyone with Jupiter and Mars conjunction will be having very sharp intelligence, good in observing or understanding the situation or subject in depth. They will never shy away putting their finger on what they want.

As Its also the natural combination of 1st and 9th house lords so the person with Jupiter-Mars conjunction in horoscope will be very lucky, learned, famous in life. As Jupiter is the natural ruler of 9th and 12th house sitting with Mars the 8th ruler gives the drive for going through austerity, teaching philosophical pursuits of life. Person with Jupiter Mars conjunction will always induce great influence in others life as a father figure or as a guide. This conjunction makes a person too much ambitious at times.

At times person with Jupiter and Mars conjunction tends to take a daring action and show his courage and hole hearted dedication towards his aim. Jupiter and Mars conjunction is between two friendly planets which can give helping attitude towards others, boosting the courage of people, fighting for justice till the end. Jupiter Mars conjunction will make a person little over powering at times. One tends to get high status through own efforts. When it comes to analyzing Jupiter and Mars conjunction in Vedic astrology, the twist we will have to keep in mind that both exaltation and debilitation of Jupiter and Mars are opposite to each other.

If either of them gets exalted then the other one will be debilitated in that sign and vice versa.

mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology
mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology
mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology
mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology
mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology
mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology Mars jupiter conjunction vedic astrology

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