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Such individuals usually think very quickly, can speak too much, but usually, stall and wait first.

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They can be laconic, as they focus on the intake of information. Their mind can be a very large database, and contrary to Geminoid people Virgoans filter data before allowing them to enter their mind, before being processed. This is the reason that will make a Virgo Rising person a good researcher. They have a strong curiosity, but usually for specified subjects and not broad and trivial ones. Many people might find them boring, or not so fun, because the mind of a Virgo Rising is rather serious.

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The same can be easily seen in their dressing style. They will choose to wear conservative yet chic clothes. They may easily wear expensive ones, and the first degrees of Virgo will use it to show-off, because star Regulus the Heart of Lion, star of the Kings resides in the 1st degree of Virgo in our era. Still, their appearance will radiate seriousness, while also many times making them seem more dominant. Concerning their appearance, they usually have characteristics that give them a low profile. Virgo Rising people themselves choose to follow similar patterns as they do with clothes.

Even Virgo Ascendant women will not emphasize on their physical beauty, avoiding too much make-up and choosing to look realistic. They may even avoid having their photo taken, and generally prefer not to be easily noticed in their surroundings. Neutrality and incognito are two words that can easily describe their subconscious goals. A hidden reason behind this can be an inner need to have control over the situations that happen around them, and to have the key for initiating such.

The more unnoticed they are, the less they can get into situations initiated by others. As a body, they usually do not reach extremes of any kind height, weight and other characteristics. They tend to have darker hair and eyes, and might be a little bit shorter than the average.

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In other occasions, it might lower the libido and draw them towards more platonic relationships. In any case, when it comes to their connection to other people, mind and communication certainly are of greater importance than the body and more animalistic urges. Yet, even concerning love, Virgo Ascendant people can be very judgmental and picky. As organisms, they have special biorhythms that even lead to daily patterns and rituals, which can raise a wall against someone who is too erratic for them or cannot follow them.

They always have high expectation of others, making it more difficult to find a specific other who will suit them well. Speaking of daily patterns, we must also mention the possibility of having eating patterns, which can be even created by their inner fears of developing body malfunctions. Virgo, as the ruler of the 6th house, rules nutrition and its structured organization. Virgo Ascendants will frequently establish such a regime over their body, or develop some types of repetitive exercises.

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We should not forget that Virgo is ruling our intestines and digestion and the spleen. This also makes them their weak spot, which means that being picky about their food may bring good desirable effects and keep the body healthy. Yet, a Virgo Rising person should also guard himself against hypochondria, and not allow any possible natural pessimism empower it furthermore. Virgo also rules our nervous system.

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Virgo-an overthinking can bring anxiety, sleep disorders and other nervous or even mental dysfunctions. In addition, worrying can also have its impact on their body. Naturally, psycho-somatic issues can arise self-suggestion. If you have Virgo as your Ascendant, know that you can easily make yourself sick or heal yourself through your own mind.

Security is important to them and they are willing to give up some freedom to get it. They prefer a strong partner in life, along with emotional and financial stability. They like rules that are well-defined in their relationships so they always know where everyone stands.

They are practical and matter-of-fact, and behave so even in marriage. They can create an amazing sanctuary at home for their family. This Sign wants to satisfy their personal goals and ambitions, but may appear very vulnerable, so some may have difficulty determining whether Cancer Rising is strong enough to do the job.

Cancer Rising is imaginative and sentimental. They are a sympathetic listener and they enjoy a good conversation.

This Ascendant relates strongly to the home. They are very sensitive to criticism, and love history. They may have an interest in genealogy. Comfort is important to them and they like to collect things. Cancer Ascendant is a natural nurturer. They also enjoy being taken care of by others. They are easy to relax with. Although you can be emotional, you are extremely practical. You are an expert on how to manage money, you always manage to survive, regardless of the amount of money that you have.

Not that you were mean, no, you are just sensible. Relationships with people are important for you. You love communication and usually are popular in your circle. Especially good at you work in a team. You are a great friend for those who are in trouble, provided that these people are in trouble not by their own stupidity.

If this is so, your sympathy immediately disappears, and you begin to read your favorite morals. You are very demanding, both to yourself and to others, but usually you sympathize with other people and know how to listen to them. You have a clear mind and a developed sense of justice, but sometimes you tend to give unreasonably large attention to small things. You are a modest person and are pleasant in communication. You are very trusting in love. You have a strong will, but you are persuaded and can change your aspirations.

You are a pompous hypocrite who believes that his opinion on any issue is the only one worthy of attention. You like to impose your judgments on other people and you never doubt what you think or feel. After a half-minute conversation with you, people scatter to somebody, there may be some poor, unsuspecting simpleton, before whom you will develop your ideas. The principle "everything should lie in its place" brought you to the absolute. People constantly need to hear about your dignity and organizational talent.

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