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Most Chinese people notice that their Chinese and Western birthdays fall on the same day on their 19th and 38th birthdays and so on. However, a year cycle with a certain set of intercalary months is only an approximation, so an almost identical pattern of intercalary months in subsequent cycles will eventually change after some multiple of 19 years to a quite different year cycle. The Chinese zodiac see Nomenclature and Twelve Animals sections is only used in naming years—it is not used in the actual calculation of the calendar. In fact, the Chinese have a very different constellation system.

Rising Signs for the Chinese Zodiac

The 12 months are closely connected with agriculture , so they are alternatively named after plants:. Traditional Chinese years were not continuously numbered in the way that the B. Commonly, years were officially counted from the start of the reign of particular king or emperor regnal year. This system began in B. Prior to this, years were not marked at all, and historical events cannot be dated exactly.

In this period, years were marked as First second, third, etc. Year of the Regency. Subsequently, years were marked as regnal years; for example, the year B.

Your Chinese Astrological Sign: Ascendant or Rising Sign

After this, most emperors used one or more regnal names to mark their reign. An emperor would institute a new name upon accession to the throne, and then change to new names to mark significant events, or to end a perceived cycle of bad luck. During the Ming Dynasty , however, each emperor typically used only one regnal name for his reign. During the Qing dynasty , each emperor used only one regnal name for his reign.

This system continued until the Republic of China , which counted years as Years of the Republic, beginning in Thus, is the 1st Year of the Republic, and the 38th. This system is still used for official purposes in Taiwan. The other system by which years are marked historically in China is the stem-branch or sexagenary cycle.

This system is based on two forms of counting: a cycle of ten Heavenly Stems and a cycle of 12 Earthly Branches. Recent year periods began in , , and The Earthly Branches are associated with the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Each Earthly Branch is also associated with an animal , collectively known as the Twelve Animals. Recent year periods began in , and Within the Heavenly Stems system, the year is advanced by one Stem per year, cycling back to year one after the last year year ten.

Similarly the Earthly Branches system advances by one Branch per year, returning to year one after the twelfth year. Compare the Biblical "three-score years and ten.

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At first, this system was used to mark days, not years. The earliest evidence of this was found on oracle bones from the Shang Dynasty dated c. This system of date marking continues to this day, and can still be found on Chinese calendars. Although a stem-branch cannot be used to deduce the actual day of a historical event, it can assist in converting Chinese dates to other calendars more accurately.

Around the Han Dynasty , the stem-branch cycle also began to be used to mark years.

The year system cycles continuously, and determines the animal or sign under which a person is born see Chinese Zodiac. These cycles were not named, and were used in conjunction with regnal names declared by the Emperor. The months and hours can also be denoted using Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, though they are commonly addressed using Chinese numerals instead. There is no universally agreed upon "epoch" or starting point for the Chinese calendar. Many have used this date as the epoch, the first year of the first year sexagesimal cycle, of the Chinese calendar, but others have used the date of the beginning of his reign in B.


That is, is a bingxu year and the "Year of the Dog" regardless of whether years are counted from B. The imposition of a continuous numbering system on the Chinese calendar was of interest mostly to Jesuit missionaries and other Westerners who assumed that calendars obviously had to be continuous. In the early twentieth century, as part of a campaign to delegitimize the Qing Dynasty , some Chinese Republicans began to advocate widespread use of continuously numbered years, so that year markings would be independent of the Emperor's regnal name.

When Sun Yat-sen became the provisional president of the Republic of China, he sent telegrams to leaders of all provinces and announced the 13th day of 11th Month of the th year of the Yellow Emperor's reign corresponding to January 1st, to be the 1st year of the Republic of China. These years are all part of the 79th sexagenary cycle, or the 78th if an epoch of B. The numbers listed here are too high by 60 if an epoch of B.

They may be too low by 1 if an epoch of B. That is, according to some sources, Gregorian Chinese could alternatively correspond to , or perhaps Chinese Americans in the United States use the epoch of B. The first few months of each Gregorian year—those preceding Chinese New Year—belong to the previous Chinese year. It might be more precise to state that Gregorian corresponds to —, or that continuous Chinese corresponds to — There is a distinction between a solar year and a lunar year in the Chinese calendar because the calendar is lunisolar.

Each of these units is equivalent to two hours of international time. Each is named after one of the twelve Earthly Branches.

World Time Zone Map for Chinese Astrology

A second system subdivided the day into equal parts, ke, each of which equaled This was valid for centuries, making the Chinese first to apply decimal time. However, because could not be divided equally into the 12 "hours," the system was changed to variously 96, , or ke in a day. During the Qing Dynasty , the number was officially settled at 96, making each ke exactly a quarter of a Western hour. Today, ke is often used to refer to a quarter of an hour. A legend explains the sequence in which the animals were assigned.

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Supposedly, the twelve animals fought over the precedence of the animals in the cycle of years in the calendar, so the Chinese gods held a contest to determine the order. All the animals lined up on the bank of a river and were given the task of getting to the opposite shore.

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Their order in the calendar would be set by the order in which the animals managed to reach the other side. The cat wondered how he would get across if he was afraid of water. At the same time, the ox wondered how he would cross with his poor eyesight. Susan Lynne Schwenger , Jan 12, Years of Horse and Snake are your lucky years. Months of Horse and Snake are your lucky Months. Summer or hot season is your lucky season. Southern direction is your lucky place. It will bring you luck to live a house that faces south.

You should choose a bedroom on the south side of the house. When arranging the office desk, you should sit facing the south. Your lucky color is red. You should wear in red often. You should use the red system for your house decoration. In addition, the Fire weakens the Wood, the Controlling Element. The native lost so much money that he was considering a large bank loan and to enslave himself with ridiculous interest rates for over 10 years.

After that, the native sustained even greater financial losses than from the Forex market foreign exchange currency market. I do not need to go into details because they are scary and it is abundantly clear what this is about. I remind that the Goat contains Rob Wealth. The native registered even bigger losses and fell into a nervous crisis. What followed? The native started a financial partnership where both parties generate steady profits from the business. Not only that, but the Rat is in the Spouse Palace.

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The native and his business partner began a serious relationship. What is the Rooster for this native? In other words, this is an indication of marriage or the beginning of a serious relationship. In fact, the wedding between the native and his partner has been planned for months and will soon take place. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone
chinese astrology time zone Chinese astrology time zone

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